Thursday, 26 April 2012

NaPoWriMo April 20th

Disclaimer: It may appear that I've been terribly slack with my poem a day writing. However if anyone's read the earlier poems they might have clocked that my life situation hasn't been entirely delicious recently. Writing and sharing are two different things and while quality is not something that concerns me for NaPoWriMo, certain preoccupations have funnelled my poems down a route I'm not currently comfortable sharing. So I'm not sharing all of them. There's no governing body to tell me off and no points to lose. It's a bit of fun. So there.

Not slack. Just bummed out. Cue violins.


The train is stopped at Three Bridges.
We've been here 15 minutes now.
I am three Guiness in, Nick Cave's crooney echo loud in my ears.
Abbatoir Blues' gospel backing flushes my eyes of cynicism
I jig and twitch in my seat, head rolling over and around my neck
In the aisle feet tap and stamp even, 'Let the bells ring!'
'It's the real thing.' We're going nowhere.

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